Set DotNetNuke’s Bulk Email module as a non-admin module

I must admit, it seems like an odd choice to have a module like the Bulk Email module setup to be an admin only module.  I recently had a need to make this feature available to a group of people and I could not set them up as Admin users.  So after doing a little digging (google is just an amazing tool), I stumbled across an extremely simple and elegant solution (thanks to the fantastic design of DNN).

Open up your favorite SQL Tool and connect to the DotNetNuke Database (for me this is SQL Management Studio)

Execute the following statement:

UPDATE desktopmodules SET isadmin = 0 WHERE friendlyname = 'Bulk Email';

That’s it! Just reload your webbrowser and if you are logged into your DNN site, you will now see the Bulk Email module available to add to any page