Running 32-bit version of the Windows Side Bar on x64 System

After getting Windows 7 x64 installed, I was having a problem getting a few gadgets to work correctly (like the Pandora Gadget). It turns out this gadget uses Flash, which only comes in a 32 bit version. The Sidebar is x64, and can’t access Flash. Since there is no x64 version of flash (come on Adobe — its time to bite the bullet!!), I started digging around for a way to overcome this limitation — as luck would have it, Microsoft ships the 32-bit version of the side bar in the x64 versions.  Now all I needed to do was get it to startup instead of the default x64 bit version.

Edit the following Registry Key:

Change the key to this: C:Program Files (x86)Windows Sidebarsidebar.exe /autoRun

(The only addition is loading sidebar.exe from c:program files (x86) instead of c:program files)

This should get you by until Adobe gets their act together!