Passthrough NTLM Authentication for FireFox

In Firefox

  1. In the Address Bar, type: about:config and either press the ENTER key on the keyboard or click on the GO button

  2. On some machines you may get the warning message shown below.  If you follow our steps, you will NOT void your warranty

  3. When the new page appears with the configuration settings, In the Filter bar, search for NTLM and the result will show 3 entries. The one you need is NETWORK.AUTOMATIC-NTLM-AUTH.TRUSTED-URLS. Double-click the NETWORK.AUTOMATIC-NTLM-AUTH.TRUSTED-URLS entry to open the Enter string value window

  4. When the Enter the string value window opens, type the portal URLs that you wish to access automatically, separated by a comma. Note:  If you want to set it up for the entire domain, just enter

  5. When you are finished, click OK.
  6. You should now be able to nagigate to an NTLM protected website and access it without being prompt for credentials (as long as you current have access to it)