How to Profile a SharePoint/Project Server 2013 Workflow using dotTrace

Thought I’d put together a small “How to” for Profiling a SharePoint (or Project Server) 2013 workflow   The steps below are using a 10 day trial of dotTrace from jetbrains – that said, the same “idea” can be used by any profiling tool.

  1. First thing to do is download a copy of dotTrace from Jetbrains from their website (  After you install this, you’ll have 10 days to use it without any limitations.
  2. Once it is installed, look for the dotTrace icon  , and start the application up.
  3. One the app is up and running, click on the “Attach to Process” button at the top
  4. Next, Find the process “Microsoft.Workflow.ServiceHost.exe”
  5. At this point you’re “tracing” in enabled.  And you will see a dialog like this
  6. Now you can run your tests that execute the workflow.  One you are done, click the “Get Snapshot” button on the tracing dialog
  7. At which point a snapshot file will open that contains all of the information (summary screen blow)
  8. Click on the “Plain List” icon
  9. At this point you can look through the various calls, the time each call took, etc (sample below)